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The Avalanche Beacon

This past week, (April 2020), has sadly brought two avalanche deaths in the Tetons. It is early, and there are conflicting reports, but there is a possibility that both of the individuals who died had avalanche beacons on their bodies, but that neither had been activated. This post is not about arm-chair quarterbacking, judging their …

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Weekly Backcountry Snow Report for Dec 26, 2019

Introduction This “snow report” is intended to provide the backcountry recreational user with a current view of snow, weather and avalanche conditions in many areas in Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Utah. The graphs are produced from data obtained from and are augmented with NOAA point forecasts for 3-day snow totals, (note that for all …

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The Recovery Cube

What is it?  The “Recovery Cube”, (RC), represents the personal model that I have developed for recovering from surgeries and trauma.  It represents my 4 primary components of the recovery process. How does it work?  I use the RC to manage my recovery and keep me in balance as I recuperate from surgery.  Basically, I …

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The Next Adventure – Chapter II

July 19, 2019 As I assess my mental and emotional state for the first few days following the THR surgery I believe the following gif sums it up nicely. Almost immediately following the surgery, and continuing for the next 36 hours I was feeling like Wile Coyote just sailing along in my wingsuit, and then …

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The Next Adventure – Chapter I

July 08, 2019: This is the week! Surgery is on Thursday and I’m ready – actually kind of excited. In fact, as the day approaches I find it hard to focus on things like work and day-to-day responsibilities. I haven’t been as diligent as I had planned with my workouts leading up to surgery. I …

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Donaldson Peak Fish Bone Couloir

In a prior trip report on this website, I discussed my list of the 10 stages of my mental state as I pursue these big ski mountaineering objectives.  Number 3 paraphrased is the, “Why am I here” phase.  This phase alludes to the pain and suffering that one endures in order to achieve some of …

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McGown North Couloir

Introduction    |     Trip Report Pictorial     |     Descent Video     |     Postscript Getting to “All In” Why the guide? This was the first question that was posed after I posted in “Boise Area Backcountry Skiers and Riders” on Facebook that I was looking to put together …

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Lost River Range Snowpack Analysis

Date / Time: April 8, 12:00PM MDT Discussion time period: Sunday, April 1 – Saturday, April 14 Week in review: This past week, the Lost River Range experienced temperatures at the 10,000 foot level that were conducive to moderate melt/freeze cycle.  7 of the last eight days saw temperatures at these elevations above freezing, with …

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Bogus Basin Backcountry

(Note: The YouTube playlist above contains 10 short videos that showcase some of the Bogus Basin Backcountry). The backcountry skiing around Bogus Basin is a kind of like the Seinfeld episode, “The Strike”. Sometimes it is absolutely stunning and other days it can be a bit ugly. The playlist above illustrates this point. Some years/months/days, …

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The Ski Quiver

There was a time when I was convinced that the need to have a multi-ski quiver was totally unnecessary.  In the grand scheme of things, owning more than one pair of skis really is a luxury that certainly isn’t a necessity in life.  At some point in my life, I crossed that line where skiing …

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Labor Day Weekend Shenanigans

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just…DO things”. The Joker in The Dark Knight. It is Friday afternoon, about 5PM of Labor Day Weekend. We’re sitting …

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Taking a Stand Against the Assualt on OUR Public Lands

As the developer and primary author of this website, I have tried to stifle my voice and my opinion regarding matters that could be placed in the political realm. I have maintained that should be about adventures and experiences, not about my personal political views, political issues or public policy debates. However, I have …

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Unplugged in Wyoming

I love Idaho, but my soul will always belong to the mountains of Wyoming. Prologue This year for our summer vacation, Ann and I had 10 days and no plan. Well, we did have an agenda for the first two days – a wedding and a reunion – but then it was wide open and …

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ACL – Repairing the Damage

Mind Games Don’t you just love those games that the mind loves to play?  I’m sitting here in pre-op at Treasure Valley Hospital getting ready for my ACL surgery.  Everything is going smoothly.  We arrived right on schedule at 11:00 AM and after taking care of the paperwork, we are here getting all of the …

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How to Shred Your ACL

The End of a Season – The Beginning of an Adventure It had been such a fantastic day, one of many at Bogus Basin this year.  Almost a foot of powder on the back side of Bogus, skiing the steep gullies and treed areas that lie in the no-mans land between Wildcat and Paradise below …

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