The Recovery Cube

What is it?  The “Recovery Cube”, (RC), represents the personal model that I have developed for recovering from surgeries and trauma.  It represents my 4 primary components of the recovery process.

How does it work?  I use the RC to manage my recovery and keep me in balance as I recuperate from surgery.  Basically, I think of the cube as a representation of the key components for successful recovery.  Think of the cube size as being 10x10x10 units.  The definition of the unit is not relevant, but the total size of the cube volume remaining static is.  If one of the components is adjusted, there must be corresponding adjustments made to one or more other components. The cube always needs to contain 1,000 cubic units.

The threekey principals involved in understanding how this model works are;

  1. The recovery will only be optimal if each of the 4 components are utilized to some degree. 
  2. The volume of the cube is to remain constant.
  3. Over time, the importance and “amount” of each component varies.

Why do I use this?  It allows me to be efficient and objective in determining what I should be doing in my recovery to “stay on top of things”.  If I’m continually assessing my recovery efforts using the RC as a framework, then I find that I minimize crashes – my mental and emotional states remain positive.  I become less prone to the “roller coaster” effect that almost certainly will occur if these get out of balance or if I ignore one of them.

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