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Jackson Hole Master GPS Map Data

(includes Tracks and waypoints):

This data is a collection of actual runs skied from 2010-12.  It has been highly edited to minimize duplication.  It includes both Waypoints and Tracks and it contains routes or trails that are In-bounds and Out-of-bounds.  Many of these runs are in areas that contain rocks, cliffs, avalanche paths and other natural obstacles.  Use with caution, and remember that this data is provided as information, and you should never consider it a substitute for common sense, a knowledgeable partner, or a guide!  It is not a comprehensive list of every named trail on the mountain. However, the data has excellent coverage of most of the major areas of the resort.  The downloads are free of charge. To download, simply click on the “Download” link in the lower right corner of the map profile.

Hi-Adventure Jackson Hole Play List

JH Waypoints map data:

(includes the major ski lifts)

Jackson Hole is my favorite ski resort.  I admit that I’m totally biased, but I grew up in the Jackson area and started skiing there shortly after it opened.  I was on the JHSC race team late 60’s – early 70’s.  Although my family moved away from Jackson in the early 70’s, I’ve never lived more than a few hours’ drive from the mountain.  As a result, I have skied it all of my life.  What do I have to compare it too?  Well, my second place area is Snowbird, UT.  I’ve skied at Alta, Park City, Snow Basin, Sun Valley, Grand Targhee, Heavenly, my local resort – Bogus Basin, and a bunch of other little areas in Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.  I was once talking to a friend who had skied all over the world.  I was giving him my “bucket list” of ski areas and he looked at me dead serious and said, “Cody, you can travel all over the world but you won’t find a better ski resort than Jackson Hole”!

Over the last few years I have begun to document my skiing at JH initially with GPS, and recently with Video.  The intent of publishing this content is to provide you with some data and perspective that may enhance your experience the next time you find yourself in Jackson Hole.

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