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Donaldson Peak Fish Bone Couloir

In a prior trip report on this website, I discussed my list of the 10 stages of my mental state as I pursue these big ski mountaineering objectives.  Number 3 paraphrased is the, “Why am I here” phase.  This phase alludes to the pain and suffering that one endures in order to achieve some of …

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McGown North Couloir

Introduction    |     Trip Report Pictorial     |     Descent Video     |     Postscript Getting to “All In” Why the guide? This was the first question that was posed after I posted in “Boise Area Backcountry Skiers and Riders” on Facebook that I was looking to put together …

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Lost River Range Snowpack Analysis

Date / Time: April 8, 12:00PM MDT Discussion time period: Sunday, April 1 – Saturday, April 14 Week in review: This past week, the Lost River Range experienced temperatures at the 10,000 foot level that were conducive to moderate melt/freeze cycle.  7 of the last eight days saw temperatures at these elevations above freezing, with …

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Bogus Basin Backcountry

(Note: The YouTube playlist above contains 10 short videos that showcase some of the Bogus Basin Backcountry). The backcountry skiing around Bogus Basin is a kind of like the Seinfeld episode, “The Strike”. Sometimes it is absolutely stunning and other days it can be a bit ugly. The playlist above illustrates this point. Some years/months/days, …

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The Ski Quiver

There was a time when I was convinced that the need to have a multi-ski quiver was totally unnecessary.  In the grand scheme of things, owning more than one pair of skis really is a luxury that certainly isn’t a necessity in life.  At some point in my life, I crossed that line where skiing …

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ACL – Repairing the Damage

Mind Games Don’t you just love those games that the mind loves to play?  I’m sitting here in pre-op at Treasure Valley Hospital getting ready for my ACL surgery.  Everything is going smoothly.  We arrived right on schedule at 11:00 AM and after taking care of the paperwork, we are here getting all of the …

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How to Shred Your ACL

The End of a Season – The Beginning of an Adventure It had been such a fantastic day, one of many at Bogus Basin this year.  Almost a foot of powder on the back side of Bogus, skiing the steep gullies and treed areas that lie in the no-mans land between Wildcat and Paradise below …

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Know Before You Go

Know before you go: This tagline has become a popular and powerful mantra for those who enter the back country. It is especially applicable for those areas that are accessed directly from the resort gates. In many of these areas, skiers and riders can simply ski right out the gate and head downhill – let …

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Bogus to Boise Ski Trek

Trip Report Video TR GPS Map/Data I seem to be drawn to interesting adventures that are counter to what the “crowd” or conventional wisdom says I should be doing. I’ve been known to pass up great fly fishing water where “everyone” goes, and instead hike / bushwhack into remote streams with rock and brush lined …

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Do Rules Apply When We Leave the Resort

As part of our annual ritual to ring in the ski season, my wife and I met with some friends and attended the latest Warren Miller film, “Here, There and Everywhere”. As a whole, I thought it was a great film and I loved the way that they honored Warren and paid homage to him …

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Training Day

The Tetons Are Calling “I told you so”! That is what Ann said, laughing, as I called her from my smartphone on the Garnet Canyon trail as we headed back from our latest Teton adventure. So what was it that I had done to elicit that response? In this instance, it was the warning that …

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Mashed Taters in the Lost River Range

When it comes to spring skiing, our skiing “vegetable” of choice is corn, nice buttery corn. The recipe for this condition is clear skies, cold nights, (below freezing), and a sunny day. Timing is critical, just like grilling corn on the cob, you need just the right amount of heat/radiation. Too little and you are …

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An Epic Suffer-Fest in the Tetons

Photography courtesy Elijah Weber The mountains do not treat the proud and stubborn kindly. Sometimes that lesson can be reinforced with death, or serious injury. Most of the time, however, it is simply reinforced by pain and suffering. Spoiler alert, this is an account of one of those suffer-fests where no bodily harm occurred, but …

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Skiing the Southwest Couloir on the Middle Teton

The alarm goes off at 4:00AM and I immediately am awake. On almost any other day of the year this would not be the case, especially given that I had just rolled into bed at 11:15PM after a 6 hour drive. I’m now entering “stage 1” of a typical big peak climb & ski – …

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Australia Ski Adventure

“Cody, let it go”. I can clearly hear Sean Connery’s voice in my head as I’m looking across only one more saddle and then a 500 foot climb up the southeast ridge of Mt. Feathertop here in the Australian Alpine National Park. Why am I standing here listening in my mind to this simple, yet …

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