CBH Ride – The “old dog” Learns a New Trick

I’m a purist when it comes to fishing and mountain biking. The ONLY kind of fishing is fly-fishing. No bait, no spinners no “fishing poles”, only pure fly rods and dry (or wet flies). I definitely related to “A River Runs Through It”! Same thing on mountain biking. I avoid pavement at all costs, almost never take a shuttle to get up the mountain and always ride with platforms, (even if it isn’t as efficient on the uphill as the clipped in crowd).

Sometimes being a “purist” can have its disadvantages. For instance, there are some big fish out there that aren’t interested in a #12 fly. And as I discovered this past weekend, there are some rides where pavement is not only “OK”, it actually serves a purpose. I’ve ridden all of the trails on the CBH Ride – Corrals/Bobs/Hulls Gulch, but the only way to link them nicely like we did AND have a loop is to ride the first section on pavement, (mainly Bogus Basin Rd). The paved part of the ride is right at the beginning and is a nice little 15-20 minute uphill warmup. Now remember, this was a new ride for me, but EVERYONE else who rides mountain bikes in Boise has probably already done it several times.

So, you can teach this old dog some new tricks. I loved the ride and will add it to my list of “regulars”. I have included 2 videos with this post that highlight all 3 of the main DH sections; The first is Corrals from the summit to Bobs and then down Bobs to the exit point. The second one highlights the Hulls Gulch DH ride, (it was actually shot last year).

A shout-out to Brad Nelson for inviting me along and to the other riders on this ride; Mark, Dave, Johnny, Steve and Mitch. I had a great time riding with all of them! Finally, if you are new to the area, or just stubborn like me, I’ve included the GPS data/topo.

Corrals/Bobs Highlights:

Hulls Gulch Highlights, (May not be viewable on a smart phone device):

GPS Data:

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