Jackson Hole – 2013 TR

Well, it has been a week since we got back from our annual “family” trek to Jackson Hole. I know I’m supposed to be enjoying this “spring” weather that we are having, but technically it IS still winter. Poor Bogus Basin is about out of snow, and I’m already having withdrawls at the prospective of skiing being over “so soon”. I would like to say “just kidding”, but I know Ann and the kids would attest to the fact that I really am “sick”.

The skiing at JH was great this year. Three days with one powder day, one kind of snowy day and finished with a great “bluebird” day! For a full, detailed TR, check out my JH TR on Epicski.

Here are the Video Highlights, (not viewable on a mobile device).

GPS Data for the three days:


  1. Marcel

    Cody, you forgot to put on your edit the footage when you dropped Corbet’s doing a backflip 🙂 Cool video, lots of fun! Much better than what we have been able to get the entire season around here! 🙁

  2. cody

    Hey Marcel, thanks for the comments. I went up to Bogus this weekend and i’m not even sure they have enough to get them thru Spring Break.
    On the Corbet’s drop, i do have a video with my son attempting an aggressive line in to Corbet’s. no backflips, but he has a good wipeout and recovery. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlCUcZLJbw0

  3. Marcel

    Great video! Really cool runs! About Bogus, I was there yesterday (Sat, 23rd.) It was okay, skiing trees and towards Matchless/Tempest off of Superior chair was better than I was expecting, I even attempted going straight from Superior to Morning star chair and it was good too, but really easy to feel the ice chunks under the new dust from the week. It was my last day there this year… not worth driving up again unless we get more snow! That would be a miracle though!

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