Riding the Willow Creek Trail at Avimor

I’m beginning to really like this Avimor area for mountain biking. After my maiden voyage looking for the lost GoPro, (which was found by the way), I began to plan out alternate rides. One of the first ones that I decided to try was what I call the “Willow Creek Up and Back”. This is a 16 mile trip that uses the same trail on the way out as it does on the return. In this post I’m sharing the Willow Creek video because it is the “main attraction” of the ride.

After a quick warmup from the Avimor parking area, the three primary trails involved on this ride are Shooting Range, Bovine Nirvana and Willow creek. The ride tops out 2,000 vertical feet above the trailhead and provides fantastic views of the Boise Front Mountain Range.

A few other interesting points about this ride:
1 – After a gradual climb with rolling terrain on Shooting Range and Bovine Nirvana, the Willow Creek trail is a constant uphill and gets progressively steeper the higher you climb, (see the GPS profile at the bottom of this page).
2 – If you want to get away from the crowds, this is a great ride to do. (Due to the difficulty and remoteness I think this will always be the case, even with guys like me bragging about it on the internet)!
3 – Because of the relative remote nature of the trail, and lack of heavy “traffic”, the prospects for seeing wild game are fairly high, especially in the mornings or evenings. On my ride I had two different sightings of mule deer, and one of them was a nice little buck!

This ride is definitely on my list of recommended rides and I will be out there again soon.
Any mention of mountain biking at Avimor would not be complete without acknowledging the work and efforts of SWIMBA and Broken Spoke Cycling. Both organizations have been instrumental in building and improving the trails in the area.

GPS Data (Avimor Willow Creek Up and Back):

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