Oregon Coast Escape

Not all of my adventures involve snow – and that is a good thing! OK, here’s is the deal. My wife has been saying that each of these ski mountaineering trips that I have been going on requires some “beach time”. Now it is important to note that fortunately, in her case, “beach” doesn’t necessarily mean some tropical island. (In fact even a beach on a lake works). So, when our son and his wife suggested that we do Thanksgiving on the Oregon coast, we jumped at the idea! (Our 3 daughters and their husbands/families/boyfriends were also invited, but various conflicts prevented them from joining us).

Hopefully the photo gallery below conveys how great this “Escape” was. Perfect views from the little beach house that we stayed in. It was stormy most of the time, but that just enhanced the experience. Our activities consisted of beach walks and runs, (I even got a 10K in the day after Thanksgiving but it didn’t help shed any of the pounds from the great food we had), hot tub sessions, plenty of football for Taylor and I, plenty of reading for Tori and Ann, a hike to a cool waterfall, some great local restaurants and generally just relaxing and recharging.

Photo Gallery: (click twice on the photo to see in full size).

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