New Year Trail Running

I’m amazed at how advanced athletic gear and equipment has become in the last several years. I just went for a trail run this afternoon in temperatures that were in the high teens and felt as compfortable as running in 60 degree temperatures. Back in the “old days”, (70’s and 80’s) I wouldn’t have been able to put on enough layers to keep warm. Well, I would have – it’s just that I would have had so much extra weight and bulk that I would have been slowed to a crawl.
I did a nice 5+ mile run in the Eagle Bike Park, with a warm-up/cool-down of 1 mile each way, for a total of just over 7 miles. The trails are snow covered, but packed and in great condition! I stopped on the ridge top and got a few pics with my iPhone. (Click on the photo to see individually, and click again to see full size).

GPS data for this version of the Eagle Bike Park Big Springs 5mi Loop:

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Snow report by Mountain Report & Snow Removal Denver

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