GoPro’s Big Adventure

I loaned my GoPro out to my friend, Andrew Shaber this weekend to do a little Cyclocross race in Nampa, Idaho. When I got into the office this morning, he had the camara sitting there on his desk. Then he proceeded to tell me about how he had looked at the footage and it was pretty shaky, and not very high quality. And, oh by the way, at some point during the race the GoPro mount busted and the camara went flying. Well, he was racing so he didn’t want to stop. Anyway, some spectators/course workers found it and the GoPro eventually made it’s way back to Andrew. This got me thinking about a different approach to this post. Here is the video, shot and told from the GoPro’s Point of View.

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  1. […] he created a great video from the marginal footage on the camera.  It is worth a chuckle.  I just realized you missed my wreck in the video cut Cody.  I ride up a hill, back down other […]

  2. […] news”. The long and short of it is that the camera mount had broken and the GoPro became the “Little Lost GoPro”… AGAIN. But this time, it is truly MIA. And, that is why I’m up here riding the Avimor […]

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