Lost River Range – Merriam Lake Hike

Although the title is technically correct, this little trip report is more about a fun little weekend trek through Idaho than “just a hike” into a beautiful high mountain lake. The primary destination of this little trip was Merriam Lake, and my thinly veiled purpose was to scout out ski mountaineering adventures. But as is always the case whenever I head out somewhere with Ann, we always have a blast and it doesn’t always have to be full of adrenaline rush to be a huge success. Here are the highlights:

  • Boise to Mackay, via Fairfield and Arco on Friday evening. “Motel camping” at the Wagon Wheel, which is a great little place to stage adventures in the LRR..
  • Saturday started out with a drive to the trail head from US 93 to NF116, 117 and 118. Note; 116 is well maintained gravel road, 117 is decently smooth gravel/dirt two-track and 118 is a rock-strewn 4wd drive delight. This trip involves 25 miles each way of non-pavement travel. The video below highlights the hike and the scenery.
  • After the LRR adventure, we drove over Trail Creek pass, (more gravel road) into Sun Valley and spent the night “camping” at the Tyrolean Lodge Best Western in Ketchum.
  • Next day was breakfast at Kneadery, (which seemed to be a very popular breakfast place in SV). After eating, we could see why.
  • Then it was a successful 1st mountain bike ride for Ann on the Adam’s Gulch trail.
  • We then headed home via Galena Summit, Stanley and Banks. Arriving back in Eagle without having hardly driven more than a few miles on the same stretch of pavement! (Check out the map pic in the photo gallery).

Photo Gallery, (click on photos to enlarge):

GPS Data (Lost River Range Pahsimeroi Valley and Merriam Lake):

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