Half Marathon in the Boise Foothills

Here is my little “Forrest Gump” running project. This past Saturday, (December 8th, 2012), I decided to go for a little run in the Eagle Bike Park. I’ve been doing some 5-7 mile loops there, and that was what was on my mind. When I got to the southeast corner of the loop that I normally do, I decided to check out the trail on the backside of Veteran’s Park. When I hit the canal along side Hill Road, I decided to keep on running and do a loop on the Seaman’s Gulch trail system. Anyway, I just kept going and then returned back along the canal, ran back up the Veteran’s trail and then finished my “3 Bubbles Loop” in the Eagle Bike Park.
This worked out to be 13.3 miles for the full loop, (the GPS data stops at the half marathon finish). This is a great loop if you like these types of distances and like to “stick to the trails”. It is a run that can probably be done most months of the year here in the Boise area. Even though there had been storms off and on all week, the trails were in great condtion with a few puddles that were easily avoidable, and a couple of soft areas.
One other note on this loop; it would also be an excellent mountain bike ride that both novice and expert riders would enjoy. There are some technical options in the Eagle Bike Park for the more advanced/expert level riders.
Here is the downloadable GPS data for the Eagle Bike Park to Seaman’s Half Marathon:

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