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Redemption on the South Teton

Some things in life just can’t be explained. Why do some people love the blue ocean water? Why do some people just wanna be in the city? Why do others get their kicks out of NASCAR? And what makes me want to be here today? It’s a mountain, each time is different. It’s in my …

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Ramshorn Peak – A boyhood dream

Maybe it’s where you were born and raised, Maybe it’s what you learned from your parents, Or maybe it is what burns deep inside you. I just know that some dreams grow stronger the longer you live. For me, the only place is the mountains, this is where I belong. This is my dream. – …

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How Not to Ski the South Teton

I made new friends, I had fun (kind of), and we made it home safe to our families and loved ones. As many of you know who have read my trip reports, I refer to these three things as being a key to a successful adventure in the mountains. I picked this up from one …

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Lick Creek Yurt Trip 2015

We have just reached our intended skin track for the day and we intend to head up the drainage towards Sawtooth Peak. Along the way, we will investigate one of our favorite areas called “The Pillows”, a NE facing burned area full of logs, boulders, terrain drops and small cliffs. On powder days this area …

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Gladiator Peak and the Grand Prize Tour

We have just topped out on a pass between two beautiful peaks in the Boulder Mountains of Idaho. There is a storm brewing somewhere out there to the northwest, but the only signs of the pending weather system that is approaching is this furious wind, hellbent on knocking us down. The skies are a brilliant …

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Turns All Year (The Unapproved Quest)

Chasing dreams is a great thing to do! But before you go sprinting out the door ya might want to make sure that you’ve properly communicated said dreams with your spouse. This is the story of the unapproved quest to chase turns all year. Table of Contents Video Highlights – 12 months packed into 5 …

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Heaven and Hell in the Tetons

This little adventure was my October session of Turns All Year, (the unapproved pursuit of skiing every month of the year). I refer to this as “unapproved” in reference to Ann’s attitude towards this latest installment of my ongoing insanity. I was getting nervous about this trip actually coming to fruition, due to the fact …

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Middle Teton Cave Couloir

As I was ascending the Cave Couloir on September 1st, it became obvious to me that the descent was not going to be easy. There were two technical issues that I was dealing with to figure out how best to approach the descent; First, I noticed that the runnels were getting pretty deep and went …

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Tetons and the Turns All Year Club

As a rule, I rarely venture out into the mountains solo. Almost all of these ski mountaineering and climbing adventures that I do are with one or more partners. It is fun to share the experience with others, it fosters teamwork and it definitely provides an added layer of security in case of injury. However, …

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Summer Skiing in the Sawtooth Range

The mission to ski all 12 months in 2014 is continuing with fantastic trips each month. July was no exception! Based on some expert advice from Sara Lundy of Sawtooth Mountain Guides, we set our sights on the basin above Hell Roaring Lake that is guarded by the Finger of Fate. We overnighted at the …

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Rolling with the Flow

Dawn is breaking here on Lick Creek Road, just north of Slide Rock. We are parked at a snow bank across the road that is too much for the Jetta to handle, and there is a slight problem. The snow on the road, left over from avalanche debris this winter, is really about as much …

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Mount Saint Johns (The Bad & Ugly)

Last year I posted a trip report named “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”.  This aptly represented the snow conditions that day as we skied some lines in Garnet Canyon.  This trip report is simply titled “The Bad and the Ugly”. Before I go in to all of the details of this great adventure, …

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Skiing Peak 9529 in the Soldier Mountain Backcountry

The original plan for this weekend was to head for the Lost Rivers with a group from Boise and make attempts on Donaldson, Breitenbach or Lost River Peak.  The weather didn’t really cooperate and we decided to all pursue our own backup plans. For Greg and I it was the backcountry above Soldier Mountain Ski …

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Chasing the Storms – A Trip to Jackson Hole

Everyday for the month of February Jackson Hole was tormenting us with their Facebook posts of storm after storm pounding the resort.  Finally we caved in; jumped online to reload the J-card, called my aunt in Wilson and made plans to head for JH!!! The plan was drive over and see my parents Saturday/Sunday and …

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JH and GTNP in a Weekend

If you love powder, steeps and skiing Jackson Hole, this may bring on fits of jealousy.  We just spent a fabulous two days skiing JH and doing a backcountry ski outing in Grand Teton National Park. Day one was spent with my wife, Ann and daughter, Rachel.  It was almost a bluebird day with a …

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