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Labor Day Weekend Shenanigans

“Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. […]

The Mobile Sweat Unit

In the summer of 1997, I was working for Compaq Computer Corporation in Houston, TX.  As my first foray into […]

Street Youths…

Schmidt loses his car wheels to a roving band of street youths in the terribly irreverent TV show “New Girl.”  […]

Finding Your Flow

As strange as this may seem, I was not always a mountain biker. There was a time when I was […]

My Final Playlist…

Truth is I have never made a mix tape. Sadly, I never received one either. With as many times as […]

Burning Daylight

In one of John Wayne’s last films, “The Cowboys”, he is on a cattle drive with a bunch of kids.  […]

Facing Down Fear

I sat on my bike, gripped the handlebars, and stared down the trail counting the jumps. One, two, three…and finally […]

Highlands Trail Review

A few months ago I published a post featuring a ride on Corrals and Bob’s trails. At the time, the […]

Boise Foothills Big Loop 2013

A couple of times a year I like to really torture myself and a do a particularly grueling ride – […]

Sage Fright at Eagle Bike Park

I’ve been wanting to get some good footage of one of the jump runs at the Eagle Bike Park for […]

Riding the Willow Creek Trail at Avimor

I’m beginning to really like this Avimor area for mountain biking. After my maiden voyage looking for the lost GoPro, […]

Mountain Biking Avimor Sheep Rock Loop

The wind is howling, the valley views are becoming obscured with dust, it’s been a hot day, but I’m at […]

CBH Ride – The “old dog” Learns a New Trick

I’m a purist when it comes to fishing and mountain biking. The ONLY kind of fishing is fly-fishing. No bait, […]

First MTBR 2013

I still haven’t given up on the skiing, but… Time to get back on the bike. I had grand intentions […]

Shoal Creek Mountain Bike Ride

Contributor: Cody Feuz Riders: Cody Feuz, Phil Clemens Activity Type: Mountain Biking     Level of Difficulty: Advanced – Trail is 24+ […]


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