Bogus Basin Opening Day 2012-13 Season

Opening day 2012-2013 season at Bogus Basin! I was on the third chair and we should have been on the first, but right before we were to go on the crowd got a little out-of-hand. The conditions were sparse, but we were skiing/riding and that is what counts.
I missed my shot at a really good video. I had just turned it off and was making a fast cruising run down lower Paradise when I hit a compression bump and my right binding pre-released, (this was at 30mph+). Needless to say, I was not able to keep control and I cartwheeled, bounced and rolled for better than 100 yards. My knee is a bit sore, and Ron Miller at Sawtooth Physical Therapy said i strained or tore my coracobrachialis muscle. It is this little muscle in the upper arm area. I can’t lift anything because of the pain, but downward pressure – like planting a ski pole doesn’t hurt. So, i guess that means i’ll be even more worthless than usual around the house, but I should be able to get right back to skiing after a day or two’s rest.

No GPS data for this trip. At one point in the wreck I landed hard on my backpack, where the GPS unit was, and I think it went into some kind of “Man Overboard” mode. That is what it was reading when I pulled it out of the pack at the end of the day. And the data tracking was abbreviated. For full Bogus Basin area GPS maps and descriptions, go to GPS-Exchange.com
Opening Day Video

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