Bogus Basin Opening Day 2012-13 Season

Opening day 2012-2013 season at Bogus Basin! I was on the third chair and we should have been on the first, but right before we were to go on the crowd got a little out-of-hand. The conditions were sparse, but we were skiing/riding and that is what counts.
I missed my shot at a really good video. I had just turned it off and was making a fast cruising run down lower Paradise when I hit a compression bump and my right binding pre-released, (this was at 30mph+). Needless to say, I was not able to keep control and I cartwheeled, bounced and rolled for better than 100 yards. My knee is a bit sore, and Ron Miller at Sawtooth Physical Therapy said i strained or tore my coracobrachialis muscle. It is this little muscle in the upper arm area. I can’t lift anything because of the pain, but downward pressure – like planting a ski pole doesn’t hurt. So, i guess that means i’ll be even more worthless than usual around the house, but I should be able to get right back to skiing after a day or two’s rest.

No GPS data for this trip. At one point in the wreck I landed hard on my backpack, where the GPS unit was, and I think it went into some kind of “Man Overboard” mode. That is what it was reading when I pulled it out of the pack at the end of the day. And the data tracking was abbreviated. For full Bogus Basin area GPS maps and descriptions, go to GPS-Exchange.com
Opening Day Video


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  1. Andrew Shaber

    Not a bad start. Hope the powder rolls in.

  2. Ryan

    Pretty fun watching your POV Cody. I followed your line down Stump Bowl and must have been right behind you. There was good snow over there and a few fun little alleys through the brush. Made the mistake of traversing over to the right side of Paradise, bad idea.

    1. admin

      Hey Ryan thanks for the comment. i’m glad i didn’t go into that mess on the right side of Paradise – but i was tempted 🙂 it’s one of my favorites.

  3. Ryan

    Saw some snowboard tracks heading out of Dilly Dally Alley and was tempted to check it out over there where we cut some brush this fall, but never got around to it. Thought about dropping Lucky Friday and Lucky Left, but with the snow on Stump and Triangle being OK I hung around over there most runs. Definitely wind affected snow everywhere though.

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