Bogus Basin OB Trek

Activity Type: Backcounty SkiingDate of trip : Feb 09, 2013
Trip Report: Skiing 3 OB Options in Same Day at Bogus Basin

I haven’t been OB much at Bogus Basin this year, primarily due to lack of snow. Today I decided to hit 3 areas and do a little OB marathon here at Bogus.
First up was Clear Creek, accessed from the OB Gate on the cat track back to Pine Creek from Deer Point. Spring-type corn snow on first pitch, but variable and lots of brush/obstacles the rest of the way. I skin out of here directly up to the Bob’s OB Gate and hit the skin/boot track to the top of Bob’s Knob.
Next was the Cleavage Chute on Bob’s Knob. Upper half skiied nice, but the powder got more dense and crusty on the lower part.
The third destination was the top of Mores Mountain. I was moving pretty good today and made it from the first OB gate to the summit in 25 minutes. The East Ridge route skiied very nice and I would classify it as wind blown, soft powder. Very nice conditions for the entire run. I didn’t drop into the lower section due to time constraints and we still need another foot or so of snow. The video highlights all 3 options.

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