Monthly Archive: December 2014

Hi-Adventure for Mobile Devices

If you prefer to surf the interweb with your smart phone, and you have tried to browse the hi-adventure site with one of these devices, it has probably not been an optimal experience. OK, let’s be honest here. It has totally SUCKED! But as of today, the suckiness (OK, I know that isn’t really a …

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iBikes Under The Tree?

I don’t own an iThingy.  No iPod, no iTouch, no iPhone, no iPad and certainly no iPad Mini.  I have nothing against iThingys—my wife and two daughters have iPhones, iTouchs and iPods.  Truth be told, I have downloaded some un-cool, old guy music from iTunes once or twice with their help.  For me, the whole”i” …

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Oregon Coast Escape

Not all of my adventures involve snow – and that is a good thing! OK, here’s is the deal. My wife has been saying that each of these ski mountaineering trips that I have been going on requires some “beach time”. Now it is important to note that fortunately, in her case, “beach” doesn’t necessarily …

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